How much money does my child need to take?We recommend that students take approximately £80 worth of Euros for the tour and £25 in UK currency for ferry crossings

What is the dress code for the shows?
The official tour T shirt will be distributed whilst we are abroad. As well as this, black trousers or a black skirt should be worn as well as black shoes. No trainers please. We have two concerts this year.

If my child takes his own instrument, does it need to be insured?
Yes. The CTC and tour company are not responsible for damage to personal property. It is worth checking your existing home insurance policy as sometimes items are covered out of the house

Will my child need to bring their own towels and toiletries?
Toiletries, but not towels.. Students and staff will need to bring their own toiletries etc as they will not be provided by the hotel, but towels are oprovided.

My child needs daily medication - what do I do with it?
By June 20th, your child must give them to Mr Rushbury or Mr Williams (in an envelope with name and appropriate dosage clearly marked) as well as any plasters or Aspirin and travel sickness tablets you think they will need.

If I need to get in touch with my child whilst they are away, what do I do?
You can contact the hotel directly, contact school or use the students mobile. See the emergency contacts page of this blog.

What is the weather like on the Paris? Does my child need sunblock?
The weather is very changeable at the moment, but we need to be prepared, just in case! Sunblock is recommended.

What happens if there is a delay coming back from the tour?
Students will be told to get a message to parents or carers via mobile phones. There is also a chance that we will get an earlier ferry, which means that we may arrive earlier than quoted. Again, if this happens, you will be informed by phone asap.

Can my child use their mobile phone abroad?
Yes, but be aware that their phone may need to be configured for 'international roaming' and calls and data (including internet) are considerably more expensive when mobile phones are used abroad. An alternative may be to use applications like Skype etc.

During free time, will my child be supervised?
Yes. Your child will be in a group, led by a member of staff.